Race day 9/24/16
1891 9th Street, Mobile, AL 36615

Race Restrictions

No Dogs or other animals in the race or at the PRP
No Strollers, rollers blades, skate boards, bicycles or baby joggers etc in the 5k
Strollers are welcome in the Fun Run
Wheelchairs are welcome in both races


The 5k on the Runway and Fun Run reserves the right, in the event of an emergency or natural disaster, to cancel the race or to start at a later time. In the event of cancellation, refund of fees is not guaranteed.
A race shirt will be guaranteed to those entered prior to November 1. We will try to accommodate all registrants but cannot guarantee last minute entries.
A waiver will be provided at the PrePacket pick-up (we will announce location closer to the date) and must be signed/returned before the entrant may race.